Makanai was born in 1999 as a tribute to the century-old tradition of goldbeaters manually making gold leaves at its predecessor company, Yoshitaka Gold-Leaf Foundry.

For over a century, the women from Yoshitaka Gold-Leaf Foundry continued to try out different ways to beautify themselves and have been putting together many natural beauty concoctions. These "Makanai beauty recipes" were collected, further researched and developed, and has since evolved into a collection of products for women to maintain their beautiful skins. This collection led to the founding of Makanai Cosme -- a brand that conveys a century's worth of Japanese beauty secrets. 
* In 2005, the Yoshitaka Gold-Leaf Foundry lowered its curtain on its history in the business of producing gold leaf, and moved to Kagurazaka in Tokyo, a district that retains some of the ambience of the Geisha world it once was. The ongoing process of making even more reliable and effective products continues there today.

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