Beginning is Hand Cream

Women who worked in Yoshitaka were exposed to harsh working conditions such as intense heat, extreme dryness and minimal ventilation while making gold leaf by laboriously pounding solid gold into microscopically-thin one millimeter sheets-- that is one ten-thousandth of the original gold bar's thickness.

They soaked their hands in a mixture of persimmon tannin juice, egg shell membranes and soy beans in the process of making gold leaf. Miraculously, their hands became distinctively supple, smooth and radiant. This was how our signature hand cream was born-- further researched and developed using the same ingredients to give your skin the care and nutrition it needs.These "Makanai beauty recipes" were collected, further researched and developed, and has since evolved into a collection of products for women to maintain their beautiful skins.

This collection led to the founding of Makanai Cosmetics -- a brand that conveys a century's worth of Japanese beauty secrets.