My name is Tachikawa.I am the CEO of Makanai Cosmetics.

I was born in Yoshitaka Gold leaf foundry tribute to the century-old tradition of goldbeaters manually making gold leaf at its predecessor company, in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture.

Images of Gold leaf foundry’s “Makanai” (which refers to 'knowledge and supplies from the workplace or kitchen' in Japanese) was glamorous and dazzling but it was far from a reality.

Exposed to harsh working conditions such as intense heat, extreme dryness and minimal ventilation while making gold leaf by laboriously pounding solid gold that are interleaved between layers of paper into microscopically-thin 1/10,000 millimeter sheets. It was absolute requirements for keeping high quality of gold leaf.

I grow up by watching, woman they started thinking of the ways to beautify themselves amidst the harsh work place. Then have visions of mold the ideas using these wisdom and tried and true treatment for cosmetics. It must be highest quality cosmetics... This wishes led to the founding of Makanai Cosme.

Makanai Cosme is committed to providing you the best natural products that lead you to the beautiful skin witch tribute from the women who worked in harsh conditions of gold leaf foundry. Please enjoy better times than before with beautiful skin.