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Makanai Cosmetics are also used by corporation

"Makanai Cosmetics" products are a tribute to the women who worked in gold leaf foundry. Our philosophy are focus on "Made in Japan" and also using Japanese traditional ingredients. We can propose our products by various use and budget with "Makanai Hospitality"

Case Example

  • Amenity Goods
    • Amenity for ladies plan
    • Standard amenity for Special rooms and Luxury rooms
    • Amenity gift for ladies
  • Specialties, Novelties
    • Specialties for department store
    • Gift for tour participant
    • Gift for sport spectator
    ※Depending on the items and quantity, it is possible to print a name on
  • Anniversary Gift, Gift
    • Seasonal gift
    • Incentive gift
  • Benefits
    • Sales event to visit company (There are practical conditions such as place and number of employees)
  • To The Corporation
    To Shopping complex, Developer, Retail Store

To The Corporation

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